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4 Must Watch Director's Commentaries - Even if You're Not a Film Geek

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Best Ads of Super Bowl 48

Feb 03 2014 by Brendan Shick Add Your Thoughts

Last year’s attempt to live blog and live tweet my favorite Super Bowl commercials was thwarted by a power outage, not only in New Orleans, but also moments thereafter by an exploding transformer just down the road from me. Here’s hoping this year goes smoother…

My favorites from Super Bowl 48 are below. Check back during the game for an updated list (click here to see the latest version of this page or hit SHIFT-F5 to refresh your browser).

First Quarter

Doritos Time Machine

Second Quarter

T-Mobile Tim Tebow No Contract

Colbert Sells Wonderful Pistachios

M&M’s Delivery

Third Quarter

Audi Compromise

Fourth Quarter

Nice Hyundai Elantra

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Brendan Shick is a freelance DP, gaffer, and sports broadcaster serving primarily the Chicago, IL; Pittsburgh, PA; Grand Rapids, MI; and Fort Wayne, IN, regions. You can find out more by following this blog, his recent work on Vimeo, or by connecting with him on Twitter or LinkedIn. Brendan is also an occasional contributor to the Project Updates feed for one of his most recent films, To Turn Back Time.

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