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4 Must Watch Director’s Commentaries – Even if You’re Not a Film Geek

4 Must Watch Director's Commentaries - Even if You're Not a Film Geek

4 Director's Commentaries for any sensibility or taste! At least one of these will appeal to you...
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Learning the Pitfalls of HFR

Learn the Pitfalls of HFR

Don't make the mistake of paying more for a lower quality theater experience. Here's a look at what HFR really does to your image straight from a cinematographer's mouth...errr...pen...err...whatever.
Baseball Broadcasts: Behind the Scenes

Broadcasting Baseball

Ever wonder how the game gets from the field to your television set? We're sharing a behind-the-scenes look.

Selina Kyle’s Intended Role in Nolan’s Gotham: Part One Editor's Pick
Dec 05 2012

Selina Kyle’s Intended Role in Nolan’s Gotham: Part One

You missed something important.

During The Dark Knight Rises (2012) theatrical run, you didn’t catch the real importance of Catwoman’s appearance in the film.

What follows is a character analysis to give you a dissenting take on her place in Nolan’s Batman universe. In this part, we’ll cover some poorer interpretations and what doesn’t work about them.

News & Link Round-up [November 2012] Editor's Pick

News & Link Round-up [November 2012]

In this edition of news and link round-up: a theater avoids a ticket tax by selling carrots, Redbox announces their most popular rental titles, The Dark Knight Rises (2012) enters Oscar contention, and learning to slate for aspiring camera assistants.

Speculating on the News: Disney Buys Lucasfilm, Star Wars – 3 Directors on my Shortlist Editor's Pick
Nov 19 2012

Speculating on the News: Disney Buys Lucasfilm, Star Wars – 3 Directors on my Shortlist

I thought it would be fun to publicize my own director shortlist. These are my personal choices for who I’d like to see given a shot at Episode VII.

Naturally, if I actually had a say in that decision making process, I’d be under the strictest NDA known to man and wouldn’t be writing this post at all. So don’t blame me if none of these choices gets the job.

Clarifying the News: Disney Buys Lucasfilm, Star Wars for $4 Billion Editor's Pick
Nov 13 2012

Clarifying the News: Disney Buys Lucasfilm, Star Wars for $4 Billion

In case you somehow haven’t heard, George Lucas recently sold his independent, San Francisco-based, LucasFilm to Disney to the tune of $4 billion dollars. Among a long line of other assets, this includes most of the rights to the Star Wars franchise as well as some to Indiana Jones (see below).

I feel qualified to share about this for two reasons: First, I’ve been an ardent Star Wars fan since the second grade. Having seen the movies countless times & making a respectable foray into the Expanded Universe, Star Wars is the reason I got into the industry in the first place – so I’ve got some odd knowledge others don’t know about the situation.

Second, a well-placed friend and industry contact in the Bay Area alerted me to the news moments after it broke. Thus, we were able to join the conference call between Disney’s board members and investors when few people knew yet that anything was happening at all.

Watch the Third Party Presidential Debate – 9pm Tonight Editor's Pick

Watch the Third Party Presidential Debate – 9pm Tonight

I don’t like getting into politics anymore than the next guy, but unfortunately broadcasting and politics mix once every four years in the form of …drumroll…Presidential debates.

The three Presidential debates between Democratic incumbent Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney were naturally heavily publicized and viewed by a huge number of potential voters. However, President Obama actually has around 150 challengers if you include third party candidates and recognized write-in candidates. They have once again received considerably less press.

Baseball Broadcasts: Behind the Scenes Editor's Pick

Baseball Broadcasts: Behind the Scenes

As a sports broadcasting professional, I thought I’d share a little insight into what it takes to broadcast a baseball game. Different networks and stadiums obviously necessitate slightly different setups. The crew needs of ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball looks totally different than say that of the American Legion World Series on ESPN3. Having worked in the past with people who’ve worked on one or the other, obviously the main difference is one of scale.

MLB broadcasts easily push the number of cameras to double digits. Other broadcasts use only four or five. Regardless, the concepts behind-the-scenes are the same. It’s perhaps easier to learn about and understand these concepts by looking at the smaller scale productions and building from there.

Finding the Right Freelancer: 3 Points of Consideration When Hiring Editor's Pick

Finding the Right Freelancer: 3 Points of Consideration When Hiring


Let’s use freelance video editing as a starting point. If you want to find the right person to tackle your project, you need to prioritize. You would like to have a quality product delivered on a short timeline at a low price, but the first step is learning to accept that you will likely only get two out of three.

It is important to realize this before making any decisions. Too often clients have a set budget and a set timeline. They hire the freelancer who promises quick results at a low price, only to find that the results are of such low quality that they can’t be used. That investment is now wasted.

Working under the assumption that quality work is important to any client, there are two paths of foresight that can prevent these disasters from happening. Here’s how to attract that freelancer who will give you a quality project you can actually use…

APRIL RECAP: Things to Add to the Resume Editor's Pick

APRIL RECAP: Things to Add to the Resume

This April has certainly been quite the busy and eventful month. As alluded to in previous posts, it was not only the start of baseball season (and thus sports broadcasting), but was also the month in which I was heavily involved in principle photography for To Turn Back Time, a 40-minute independent film for which I was the DP. Amazingly, I was able to do both without any significant conflict in shooting schedules, but it also left me with only about 4 days off during the entire month.

And that makes the whole ordeal sound rather easy. As can be typical on lower budget independent films, some of our shooting days on To Turn Back Time ran upwards of 16 hours. That doesn’t include time spent afterwards planning out the next day (or sleeping, eating, etc.). When you do the math, I’ve worked at least 80 hours every single week since mid-March just on these two projects alone.

Anyway, here are the details:

How to Watch Star Wars: The Merits of Machete Order Editor's Pick
May 04 2012

How to Watch Star Wars: The Merits of Machete Order

I may not have any kids yet, but I have recently discovered the answer to the most important parenting question of all time. That’s right, I’ve decided in what order to make my kids watch Star Wars.

The link above is an absolute must read in its entirety for anyone who is a fan of the series or has seen the series and cares about learning how to tell a story. Needless to say, there are plenty of major spoilers for all six films in the link above as well as in the quotes and content in the remainder of this post.

White Balance: Important Tips and Tricks Someone Forgot to Teach You Editor's Pick

White Balance: Important Tips and Tricks Someone Forgot to Teach You

I’ve met a great variety of people, some with graduate degrees in cinematography, perpetuating this rumor (and yes, sometimes I’m even guilty of such). Although it’s good and simple beginner advice, there’s a lot more to the story.

The ‘white card’ tip is only partly true and, quite frankly, is an extremely simplified version of the truth that is probably partly perpetuated by people who don’t feel like spending the time to explain the full story to you.

Assuming you read on, I’m about to put an end to that as best I can.

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