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4 Must Watch Director’s Commentaries – Even if You’re Not a Film Geek

4 Must Watch Director's Commentaries - Even if You're Not a Film Geek

4 Director's Commentaries for any sensibility or taste! At least one of these will appeal to you...
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Learning the Pitfalls of HFR

Learn the Pitfalls of HFR

Don't make the mistake of paying more for a lower quality theater experience. Here's a look at what HFR really does to your image straight from a cinematographer's mouth...errr...pen...err...whatever.
Baseball Broadcasts: Behind the Scenes

Broadcasting Baseball

Ever wonder how the game gets from the field to your television set? We're sharing a behind-the-scenes look.

How to Watch Star Wars: The Merits of Machete Order Editor's Pick
May 04 2012

How to Watch Star Wars: The Merits of Machete Order

I may not have any kids yet, but I have recently discovered the answer to the most important parenting question of all time. That’s right, I’ve decided in what order to make my kids watch Star Wars.

The link above is an absolute must read in its entirety for anyone who is a fan of the series or has seen the series and cares about learning how to tell a story. Needless to say, there are plenty of major spoilers for all six films in the link above as well as in the quotes and content in the remainder of this post.

News & Link Round-up [March 23rd, 2012] Editor's Pick

News & Link Round-up [March 23rd, 2012]

In this edition of News & Link Round-up: the Best Picture nominees as infographics, is the a “correct” winner in each category, & some must see short ranging from trailer mash-ups to tire commercials.

Why 3D is Destroying Movies Editor's Pick

Why 3D is Destroying Movies

Cinema has been around for roughly a century. That means we, the cinematographers and directors of the world, have spent the past 100 years trying to perfect the art of taking something from the real world and displaying it to an audience in two-dimensions. Perspective, depth of field, production design choices, proper lighting setups, atmospheric perspective, good blocking, and a host of other factors allow us to represent a three-dimensional reality on a two-dimensional canvas.

Some have dedicated their whole lives to learning this trade, and even then build mostly on those who came before them. Even before cinema, painters had spent centuries establishing the basic rules of creating artificial depth on the canvas. Before I continue, I should say this is not a rant about how a group of skilled trade workers (cinematographers) now have their jobs threatened by a new technology that is forcing them to throw out what they’ve learned and start over learning the trade anew. It’s not even purely a rant about how 3D is destroying the 2D artform.

It’s quite the opposite. No one’s job is threatened. The fact is, producers of 3D movies are hiring the same cinematographers that they have always hired to shoot 2D movies, and, in some ways, that is precisely the problem.

Top 10 Films of 2011 Editor's Pick
Mar 10 2012

Top 10 Films of 2011

Alright, so usually these posts come out in January, but hear me out here. You saw so many Top 10 posts right after you replaced that desk calendar that you stopped reading them, right?

Indeed, a few titles on this list are films that I only saw – and was glad I did – because they picked up some minor nomination in late January. I purposely held this list back to give those films a chance at the list.

Academy Awards: How to Fill Out Your Ballot Editor's Pick

Academy Awards: How to Fill Out Your Ballot

Entering a contest to guess the most Academy Awards winners this year? I’m entering at least one. Here are my picks for the most likely winners in every category.

Insomnia (2002) Adds Interesting Twist to Director’s Commentary Editor's Pick

Insomnia (2002) Adds Interesting Twist to Director’s Commentary

It’s rare that I single out one director’s commentary as being better or worse than another. Nonetheless, my recent watch of the commentary on Insomnia (2002) sparked me to write this post.

It’s not merely because Christopher Nolan happens to be one of my favorite and most respected directors. It’s not even necessarily because this commentary is better than others.

No, this commentary is quite unique in how it is presented.

“It’s Not Rewind; It’s ‘Fast Backward'” Editor's Pick

“It’s Not Rewind; It’s ‘Fast Backward'”

Words often have an archaic usage. We still say we’re “filming” even when we shoot digital. The newscaster still says, “don’t touch that dial” despite the fact that the radio station is streaming only and the “dial” is actually a touchscreen on the listener’s Android phone.

One that caught my attention recently is the word “rewind.”

In this case, the word is not merely being used archaically; it’s starting to disappear entirely.

Film News: Ennio Morricone Editor's Pick
Nov 10 2011

Film News: Ennio Morricone

Today marks the birth of one of the greatest film composers of all time. Ennio Morricone turns 83 today. Morricone is perhaps best known for his Western scores, notably including Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (1966).

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