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4 Must Watch Director’s Commentaries – Even if You’re Not a Film Geek

4 Must Watch Director's Commentaries - Even if You're Not a Film Geek

4 Director's Commentaries for any sensibility or taste! At least one of these will appeal to you...
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Learning the Pitfalls of HFR

Learn the Pitfalls of HFR

Don't make the mistake of paying more for a lower quality theater experience. Here's a look at what HFR really does to your image straight from a cinematographer's mouth...errr...pen...err...whatever.
Baseball Broadcasts: Behind the Scenes

Broadcasting Baseball

Ever wonder how the game gets from the field to your television set? We're sharing a behind-the-scenes look.

White Balance: Important Tips and Tricks Someone Forgot to Teach You Editor's Pick

White Balance: Important Tips and Tricks Someone Forgot to Teach You

I’ve met a great variety of people, some with graduate degrees in cinematography, perpetuating this rumor (and yes, sometimes I’m even guilty of such). Although it’s good and simple beginner advice, there’s a lot more to the story.

The ‘white card’ tip is only partly true and, quite frankly, is an extremely simplified version of the truth that is probably partly perpetuated by people who don’t feel like spending the time to explain the full story to you.

Assuming you read on, I’m about to put an end to that as best I can.

Inspirational Photography: My Number One Secret to Taking Better Photographs Editor's Pick

Inspirational Photography: My Number One Secret to Taking Better Photographs

All the secrets of outstanding photography can really be boiled down into one fairly simple goal. It sounds like a high calling, and in some ways it is. Only the best photographs live up to this standard.

And yet, if you keep it in mind regularly while shooting, it really doesn’t seem that hard anymore. Even when I don’t fully accomplish this goal, just keeping it in mind as a benchmark improves the images I bring home.

Find out what it is…

Around the Web: “Lens Theives Ruin the Day” Editor's Pick

Around the Web: “Lens Theives Ruin the Day”

I’m usually pretty careful about keeping track of my equipment. Professional gear can be pretty expensive stuff and if you lose it you’re out a pretty nice chuck of change and your work suffers accordingly.

I stumbled across an interesting link at a while back that I’ve meant to share. It’s definitely worth reading if you’re a DSLR shooter.

What I Didn’t Like About Project 365 Editor's Pick

What I Didn’t Like About Project 365

At the start of the new year, I’ve not surprisingly noticed a lot of buzz about Project 365 around the web. The idea behind the Project 365 initiative is that participants take a single photo everyday for a year.

In theory, this gets photographers and even would-be-photographers out and moving. It gives them a reason to get out, practice, and hone their craft even on days where they don’t have a particular subject worth photographing right in front of them.

However, I tried Project 365 three years ago, and I didn’t like it.

“Photo Album:” What It Used to Mean Editor's Pick
Nov 22 2011

“Photo Album:” What It Used to Mean

If you’re older than 20 years old, you can probably sympathize with me, whether you realize it or not. Remember when you used to visit relatives that you hadn’t seen for a year, held a family reunion, attended a church picnic, or got invited over for dinner with a friend of the family that you hadn’t visited in a while?

All of these are vastly different experiences now than they were in the 90s. It used to be that one of, if not the only, central event of these activities was sitting down at a table and looking through someone’s photo album.

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